Philly Bike Expo // Richard Sachs

Richard Sachs, is, well, Richard Sachs.


You know him. You know what he’s capable of. You know what he builds, you know his flavor, and you know how consistent he is with everything he does.

Richard has the timeless, simplistic style that only comes from a lifetime of doing things your own way.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with and actually have real conversations with Richard and his wife, and hang out with their cute little pup at some events over the years, including his retrospective show at the old Rapha Meat Packing location here in NYC. Richard’s work is so consistent in quality that you know exactly what you’re getting. I honestly feel like his work improves and evolves slowly. It’s so refined at this point that in my opinion it improves all the time with marginal gains. It’s been nice to see his work evolve slowly over the years, while staying absolutely true to his ideals and taste.

Richard is the builder that will build you the one bike you’ll have forever, and pass on to your kids.