The Perfect Race weekend // Philly International Cycling Classic

The ‘Perfect Race Weekend’, a step by step guide to enjoying the largest professional road race in Philadelphia, The Philadelphia International Cycling Classic.


1. Wake up on friend’s couch at 9:30am, well into the start of the men’s race that already started at 8am. Step outside to check if your kit is dry from washing it in the shower with the day before.


philly_pro_race-0067632. Eat breakfast burritos and put on your favorite album to really get the good vibes going


philly_pro_race-0067693. Get to race and immediately be handed a beer.


philly_pro_race-0067714. Oogle over the glistening, waxed, logo-covered, multiple bike carrying, streamlined perfection that is every single race support Volvo wagon(Volvo, if you’re reading this, we’re open to sponsorship and partnership deals!)


philly_pro_race-0067785. Finally give yourself over to┬áthe energy that is a massive crowd of people gathered together for an event they don’t entirely understand, but are more than happy to be a part of and bond together for. Keep an eye out for trending neon’s, fresh new kit design, and new geometric helmet shapes.


philly_pro_race-0067796. Shake hands, drink beers, and high five with the common people!


philly_pro_race-0067807. Watch the jumbotron


philly_pro_race-0067838. LEAVE! Go get a falafel or two, and a coke. Ride an E-assist fat bike and dominate the roads because you can, can’t you?


philly_pro_race-0067849. Make sure you see all the people you’ve known for years but might not live near anymore. Tell them you miss them, that you appreciate them, and try to catch up. All these people that you would never know if it wasn’t for the common bond of absolutely and maniacally loving riding their bike.


10. Watch the womens race in it’s entirety. Pay attention. Cheer your heart out. And encourage the most important piece of cycling evolution. Women’s cycling. This is important. This is necessary.


philly_pro_race-00678511. Leave as soon as the finish comes. Ride your bike. Eye-fuck your friend’s camera. Always drool over your friend’s camera.




philly_pro_race-00678812. Buy some beers, and go find an abandoned pier.


philly_pro_race-00679013. Roast the hobo-trail.


philly_pro_race-00679214. Spend time with one of your oldest friends. Talk about what got you into bikes. Talk about photography. Talk about photo projects. Talk about art. Talk about your driving forces. Talk about your inspirations. Talk about how often you still ride BMX. Talk about your plan for the next 5 years.


philly_pro_race-00679715. Drink beers


philly_pro_race-00680316. Document the times that mean something to you. Never let them go. Take all the photos.


philly_pro_race-00680517. Oogle your own bike. It’s yours.


philly_pro_race-00680818. Decompress. Let go. Man, these socks are dumb…


philly_pro_race-00680919. Yeah, still love this city.


philly_pro_race-00681020. Try to find the perfect bandit cross locations, and talk about pipe-dreams of the perfect race.



















philly_pro_race-00685321. The last step is everything beyond. The last step is appreciation.

Just appreciate and live in the moment.