Roads Like These: Vol. 17 // Jacob Warner

Hard to believe that the #RoadsLikeThese series is almost two years old on the dot. Since introducing the hashtag two years ago, and starting the series on the site, the hashtag has seen upwards of 44,000 tags. That’s crazy!! So much love for what we introduced over here, and so rad to see so many people stopping to take photos. We couldn’t be happier to introduce you to our RLT series 17. Thanks for sharing this one Jacob!

Stopping to take photos is for me, a matter of capturing the emotions and anticipation of riding. Both as a memory for myself and as a way of conveying the sensation of riding to other people. Images speak much louder than words, even more so when recording a journey by bicycle. As with others, I agree that there is time to put down the camera and just enjoy the ride. Some of the best views are better left unphotographed – they are always just for you.


Landscape images are great, but I find they sometimes lack context. I find roads can be used as a narrative tool to add context to a landscape. They can convey the contours or gradient of a climb, the flatness of a long desert road, or the roller-coaster feel of a downhill. Roads provide a guide for your eye through a photograph, often creating strong and interesting visual shapes. I have a particular weakness for winding mountain roads and twisting descents.


Fortunately, my current work on the North American Epic cycling expedition requires me to take a lot of photographs from the saddle. Our journey from Anchorage to Mexico City has brought us to the unsung cycling paradise of Baja California – a real revelation that has been contrary to prior expectations. What has come as a surprise is the quality of the roads, the stunning rugged scenery, and the real sense of adventure. Not to mention the friendly people. These images from Baja are some of my favourite I have taken on the journey so far.

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