NLLTL Adventure Cam Vol. 24 // Mo | Patrick Walker

Elusive friend Pat Walker ordered a No Life camera back in March and shot through it pretty quickly! Here’s a selection of what he shot and a quick bit of words…

I love photography because It’s my favorite way to tell stories.  It’s how I share adventures and moments with my friends and family.  My whole life I’ve been obsessed with stories and story telling.  From writing to reading books, from watching movies to hearing people share their adventures, I love it all.  It’s just to damn fun!  I can capture any moment I’m in, change it to my liking, and release it back upon you all the way I want it to be seen!  Through what camera I choose to use, digital or film, what film I pick, and what I do in post process, I can direct the narrative of these moments any way I want.  And most importantly, the more I shoot and the more I practice the better I get at all this.  What this means to me is that anyone can get good at it!  How wonderful is that??

So here I am getting all cheesy about myself and my photography but whatever, it’s rad and I love it.  These particular photos are form a ride I took a friend of mine on up to Charlton Flats in the Angeles National Forest.  I have spent my entire life living at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains in Pasadena, CA.  I camped in them as a kid, partied in them as a teenager, and have fallen head over heels in love with them as an adult exploring deep into them through my running and cycling.  On this ride one of my dear friends wanted to come play in the dirt and I love sharing what makes me happy so up to Charlton Flats we went.  It is so much fun sharing what inspires me as I hope it will eventually lead people to do to same with someone else!  Pay it forward because sharing is caring!

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