Larry Vs Harry // Bullitt Cargo

When I was in Copenhagen last, I was lucky enough to be loaned one of the sickest, hand polished Larry Vs Harry cargo bikes. This bike is one of Hans'(aka the Harry in ‘Larry vs Harry’) personal bikes! Their flagship bike, the Bullitt has to be hands down, one of the coolest, lightest, and most versatile takes on the classic Danish “Long John” cargo bike. Check out the custom seat they have made for their stock bikes, it’s super comfy.

The Long John set a standard for cycling culture in Denmark. The first Long John was made by Smith & Co. Company, and they presented the first Long John to the public at the Wembley World Fair in 1924. Denmark has been known as the home of, and inventors of the cargo-bike. Danes even coined the term Bakfiets, which now has a brand using the term as their company name. Bak, meaning box, and fiets meaning bike. Essentially a bike for carrying boxes, also often called ‘cycletrucks’.

The Bullitt was such a treat to ride around Copenhagen for a week. The pick up and go on an aluminum cargo bike was very real. And the opportunity to just pick up and ride around anything or anyone I wanted to made this bike so insanely versatile and opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Would truly love to have one of these here in New York!!

In the meantime, check out how cool this beauty is!