Escape From New York // Croton Aqueduct Trail

A long awaited third edition of our Escape from New York series is finally here in the form of a quick video, complete with video portraits of our surroundings leaving the city, and beyond. Been shooting a lot of these short videos by hand, but would love to figure out some other kind of setup. Holler at me GoPro!

A whole lot has changed over here since we started the Escape from New York series, and a lot has changed in my personal life and work life over the last year. Work has taken precedent, my career has evolved, I’ve moved, the No Life office is back in the bedroom of my apartment instead of having a dedicated office space, life has been a rollercoaster of finances, speed bumps, and the selfish unforgiving nature of New York City and the people in it.

Got some really cool stuff planned for 2018, so pay attention! Can’t wait to share all the new stuff with ya!

In the meantime, enjoy this vid! Probably a bit too long, but I’m not a video editor, definitely a photographer by trade, but I still enjoy making these!

Thanks to Fairdale Bikes for getting me upstate comfortably!