Philly Bike Expo // 22 Bikes

Holy shit. What can you say about 22 Bikes?

launched in 2012, and hit the ground running with some of the sickest titanium bikes out there.

I was lucky enough to get an introduction and hands on view to the 22 Bikes line-up through Brooklyn’s own Deluxe Cycles, and I’ve watched their lineup grow, anodize, and evolve through the last few years. It’s been a trip. I’ve also been lucky enough to talk to the 22 guys, and they’re all super nice. Actually looking forward to the weekend I can get upstate and get some riding in with some of the guys from 22.

Really not sure what else to say about 22, but damn, let’s just let the photos talk for themselves.

Oh, and while I was outside of the Philly Bike Expo shooting these photos, the one and only Richard Sachs caught me, and took a photo with his iPad. You’ll see the shots, as my focus clearly changes to a different subject(Richard).

Check out the 22 site here