Exploring Japan // with Mo of Keirin Berlin

Japan is an amazing country with a very picturesque looking mountainous scenery. The island is actually way to small for its over 130 million inhabitants, but somehow they still do manage to have a very chill, clean, safe and relaxed atmosphere 🗾
Its a perfect place for #bikepacking 🚴🏼‍♂️
In the country side bike lanes tend to be pretty wrecked though, I did ride all night long in the pouring rain and even then had no difficulties, as drivers are very calm and always on the look out for cyclists. There’s 24/7 convenient stores literally everywhere, clean toilets in the middle of nowhere and the all so famous vending machines too. Summers are really hot and humid and the month of June has very heavy rainfall, actually there’s no perfect season to visit. Just be aware as there can be typhoons and crazy winds and sometimes you do feel the earth is shaking.
The country side has a lot of flavor with many self made buildings in the weirdest style you can not imagine. Same goes for the very modern cities, but space is rare, so what might look very weird to us, makes most of the time a lot of sense. Its not cheap like South East Asia, but definitely not as expensive as Europe or the States. Food is delicious, people are friendly and very helpful, and the mixture and merge between old and new styles make Japan a very unique place. Of course everything has its downsides too, there’s also a lot of gentrification going on, especially because of the upcoming Olympic Games. There’s too much fast food and meat to be eaten, a lot of plastic waste, and Fukushima seemed like it never actually happened. But what place is perfect!? Its always great to be here. This is how I see Japan, here’s a few #35mm 🎞 shots with #disposable 📷🇯🇵