NLLTL Adventure Cam Vol. 26 // Lino Gonzalez

Lino Gonzalez is a living legend. There, I said it out loud.

Lino set so many firsts in BMX. Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind was an icepick to hard 180. And definitely the first BMX pro to have a video part set to Mazzy Star. Lino’s influence and history in BMX is set in stone.

Currently, Lino works as a bike messenger in Boston. Ironically enough, he works at the oldest messenger company in Boston, Marathon Messenger. Which was my first messenger job ever, when I was hired as a snotty 19 year old by the original owner Stewart. Rest in peace Stewart Tabakin!!

Not only does Lino work as a messenger, and spends all of his time riding around on a sick FBM Sword, he also runs 90 East. One of the few rider-owned BMX companies in the US.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Lino over the summer, and we’re stoked to do some more in-depth projects together in the near future, so stay tuned!!

Lino’s gallery is a bit different than the normal No Life disposable galleries, as he wanted to explain his photos, so take a look and enjoy!!!

1 -This is a standard Boston sewer cap you’ll see al around the city. Any city I got to, ill take pics of the sewer caps. I have a large collection of sewer cap photos from my travels

2 – These two are from an alley cat race where you had to take graphite rubs of monuments around the city. I planned on participating in it but on the ride to the starting point the wind starting gusting up to 40mph and I had to pedal downhill. So instead or racing I took some photos and cracked a couple beers.

3 – The week before the Boston Marathon police conduct a search for radioactive bomb material by flying helicopters in grid patterns over the city. The choppers fly super low and catch you off guard when they speed in between the tall buildings.

4- Typical ride in the pouring rain. I hadn’t ridden this bike in a while and didn’t plan to that day either which is why there is no bar tape. This was on the way home after a long day in the rain.

5- 200 Clarendon freight elevator. Shout out to the guard (name omitted) who works on the loading dock and has been there forever. He’s cool and is always down to have a conversation which is a change from the guards who could care less about messengers.

6- Rare look at a forgotten Boston bank spot thats hidden in plain sight. Post 9/11 this spot is a bit tougher to hit than it used to be but it can still be done.

7- The architecture of Govt Center commons is best appriciated from above where you can see the zig zagging lines of all the stair sets. This is looking toward the North End of the city. The tall building on the top right is the ventilation building for the Callahan Tunnel which also some some interesting architecture.

8- Earlier this year a messenger by the name of Rick Archer was tragically run over by a careless driver. The entire Boston messenger community along with other bike riders came out to show support at his ghost bike ceremony. RIP Rick.

9- This is supposed to be some kind of “freedom of speech” rally, but it was just a bunch of slobs from out of town trying to “make America great again”. As I rode by here one of them yelled at me …“Get a car, loser”

10- Both there were taken out the same window on Federal St. Anytime I’m this hallway ill look out the window here. I enjoy the view over the courtyard and the color/architecture here.

11- This is the exact view you get while laying in the grass at my favorite summer stand by spot. Perfect spot to grab an iced coffee and relax during the hot and slow summer.

12- Not sure what this guys deal was but he wasn’t moving at all or taking. The firemen and medics were all standing over him making some jokes and enjoying their day.

13- During the summer this dog is always out here standing at the edge of the loading and sniffing everyone that comes by. I have seen him enough that he is happy when I roll up and pet him real quick.

14- This was toward the end of a long rainy and cold day. This car passed me a few lights before but I managed to catch up and snap a pic. I forgot all about the shitty day and just hoped this pic would come out ok.

15- This area is known as “Methadone Mile” for reasons you can probably imagine. As I rolled by, the police truck turned its lights and sirens on which made everyone scatter like roaches into the pouring rain.

16- Probably the best feeling BMX bike I have ever owned. This was taken while I was filming someone for the next 90East video.

17- While visit NYC this past summer I cruised by the WTC and rolled up on a display setup by a couple guys that were handing out brochures questioning 9/11, specifically building 7. Decide for yourself…

18- Missed the shot a bit on this one but this guys was pushing his girl up the Williamsburg bridge incline. As I passed him, he was sweating profusely and gave me a weird look.

19- The Brooklyn banks never change. This photo could have been taken anytime in the past 30 years. BMX will always have a home at that spot.

20- After a rough night out on a trip this summer, I ended up at a 50’s themed Diner in South Jersey. I managed to sneak this shot in which expresses the vibe perfectly.