Philly Bike Expo // Weaver Cycle Works

Mark weaver is a part of the Philly cycling community via Collingswood, NJ. I met Mark through some friends back when I was dabbling within mountain bike racing, and he was always the nicest guy you could ever run into. His love for a very specific era and breed of mountain biking is very clear in his builds, and influences his work deeply. His filet brazed mountain bike frames are some of my favorite frames on the East Coast, and his rigid, segmented forks are a nod to my favorite era of mountain biking, and obviously one of everyone’s favorite builders of that time. Mark also builds both road, and cross/gravel bikes, and they’re just as sleek, and in the same vein as his mountain designs, simplicity, made right, and built to be a bike you’ll own forever.

If you’re lucky, you’ll run into Mark somewhere in the New Jersey Pine Barren’s, probably on one of his own bikes. If you see him, say hi, and definitely check out what he’s riding.

Mark’s bikes are clean, well thought out, and beautifully executed. I’ve had the biggest crush on one of his single speed, rigid mountain bikes for years now.

Mark also has an affinity for American made parts, American design, and American innovation. You’ll find his complete bikes loaded up with bits from Thomson, White Industries, Stan’s rims, and always ESI grips.

Really, what more could you ask for with this rigid baby blue beauty?

Absolutely timeless.


Check out some stuff Mark’s been up to, and other bikes he’s built over on his website.