Tour Of Ara // Dani Fejer

Dani Fejer of here’s their gram), a women’s cycling blog based out of London, has contributed here before when we posted a ‘Roads Like These‘ feature of her 35mm photos from another Tour of Ara. If you don’t remember, or don’t check out her previous post here, the Tour of Ara is a six day stage race on vintage road bikes, through the Cederberg Mountains(worth the google image search linked!) and the Karoo semidesert area of South Africa.

Her gritty, sun burnt, often light leaked, beat up 35mm film is too beautiful to be categorized into a roads post or any other category. I’ve been lucky enough to sit down, soak up, and edit Dani’s photos. It wasn’t easy, but I slimmed down this large and amazing body of work to just under 40 absolutely beautiful images.

Do yourself a favor, and dig through this set. You won’t regret it.

Here’s some words from Dani…

It is difficult to comprehend the Tour of Ara unless you are lucky enough to witness it in all of its glory, even describing it isn’t easy. In short, it is a six-day stage-race through South Africa’s unforgiving but breathtaking Karoo semi-desert. Racing across sandy, rocky and unruly dirt roads but only on steel vintage road bikes. With just 35 riders it is a truly intimate meeting of people and bicycles. There is no support and there are no sponsors. A long list of extra details add to the rawness of this unique happening. September 1st sees the fifth and final ever Tour of Ara which furthers the secret society-esque feel of this race. Sometimes it’s better to stop something before it peaks, or something like that, right?