This last weekend, I had the pleasure of riding two of my favorite sets of Long Island trails, on both Saturday and Sunday.

When I showed up to the trails Saturday afternoon, I realized I still had blood on my Giro’s from breaking my nose the week before during a mountain bike race. I could feel the crunch all over again, I felt myself holding back all day, and didn’t trust myself. Couldn’t trust my ability to feel my tires in the dirt, to feel how much gas I could give. It took me an hour or so really get most of my bearings back. Wilis of Deluxe Cycles was down to rip around Saturday, and as soon as I started posting from the trails, my good friend and King Kog team mate Keith reached out to ride the next day. I was pumped!

The fern’s on parts of Long Island are quite unbelievable, and if you’re lucky you can take some home with you in your shoes or spokes. Also completely obsessed with narrow tree covered tunnel trails. Absolutely magical, and you can never do it justice in any explanations, photos, or shaky handheld videos…

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And for an additional treat, check out this slo-mo I made for the friends at Lone Wolf Cycling!