Perspectives // Nicholas Emmert

Nicholas has caught our eye over here at No Life! Another friend in the Santa Cruz area, and an avid film shooter, Nicholas has really pushed some boundaries shooting film by bike. His work has been a visual inspiration over here the past couple months, and it’s an honor to feature some of his beautiful work!! Check him out on Instagram as well!

Here’s some words from him:

I am super stoked to get to share some photos with you thanks to NLLTL!   My name is Nicky.  I live and grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains where the towering redwoods meet the windswept western coastal bluffs of California.  I am blessed to be able to ride a bicycle to work through a small, beautiful, and ecologically diverse State Park.  The photos I’m sharing were all taken on my rides to and from work.  My commute has become a very important part of my life.  If you are into riding bikes, you don’t need to hear me pontificate on the positive effects it can have on your psyche, you already get it.  Anyway, I bring my camera along: a well-loved Pentax K1000 my father-in-law gave me that almost ended up at a thrift store.  Photography incorporates a creative outlet into my daily routine, a short meditation, and a window through which to play with the cosmos.  I built up all the bikes that I ride so of course I like to photograph them, and bikes make such wonderful subjects against beautiful backdrops (duh).  I’m into double exposures, light leaks, and technically incorrect vibes.  I like the accidents and surprises that happen when you are still figuring things out.  I’m a total kook (both in photography and bikes) I try not to take myself too seriously, fun is paramount.  Shout out to my friend Chris (aka IG sensation Dirtdrops) for all the encouragement, inspiration and tagging #nolifelikethislife on my posts!  Hope you enjoy the pics!