NLLTL Adventure Cam Vol. 25 // Mo | Keirin Berlin

Mo from Keirin Berlin and I have been really growing into good friends over these last few years, and I can honestly say I’m so happy that he’s in my life. Mo’s really seen it all, and was in New York as a working messenger long before it was cool. When the twin towers were still standing, and you had to find a payphone to get your next few runs. If you don’t know Keirin Berlin, just google it! Mo’s been holding it down in Berlin for a while now, with one of the coolest bike shops in the world. Yeah, literally.

Mo’s been taking a camera or a disposable camera with him on rides since probably before a lot of bike kids these days were even born. Now he has the privilege of flying all over the world, and mostly Europe and Asia to go find places to ride, explore, and get in touch with himself. Couldn’t be more jealous at times.

Mo put together a list of his shots, and a few words, in his typical style. So many good shots!!

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NoLifeLikeThisLife Camera May/June 2015

Took a 35€ flight from Berlin to Venice to ride over the Passo del Brennero (Italia/Austria, Elevation 1,370 m (4,495 ft) Rode a trackbike w 49/16, 49/19 (uphill) It was fun, but kinda stupid downhill 🙂


60110023 Light Leak / Dead Frame
60110022 Colnago MTB freelocked in Chirignago
60110021 Bikeshop unfortunately closed Spinea
60110020 Las Vegas Cinema, Trebaseleghe
60110019 Padua
60110018, 60110017, 60110016 on the way to Trento
60110015 Bolzano, Alto Adige
60110014 Via Roma, Alto Adige
60110013 Alto Aldige, South Tyrol


60110012 Going into Austria, Brennerstraße
60110011 Getting weird after Innsbruck
60110010 Tirol Austria
60110009 Austria is weird, I’m telling ya 😉
60110008 Inn,

60110007 After 150k a bit chilling in Bavaria
60110006 …
60110005 Nußdorf am Inn, Bavaria
60110004 Samerberg, Bavaria
60110003 Samerberg, Bavaria
60110002 Samerberg, Bavaria


60110001 #lostinBrandenburg


60110000 Kreuzberg my love, 61 on fire!