Bike Showcase // Sam Carlson’s Fairdale Goodship

Sam Carlson has been my go-to contact and new friend crush over at Fairdale, as they’ve become one of my favorite companies in cycling, full of grown-up BMXers loving cycling the way I love cycling. Sam recently built up one of their Goodship’s in one of the sickest builds I’ve seen in a while. It’s really the small details that make this already amazing bike into something magical. Seriously, the stock complete build on this bike is such a deal for sick steel road bike, outfitted with all the goodies. And damn, bet those Profile road hubs are SO LOUD, and they’re made in America! Don’t forget to peep that paint matched ENVE fork/stem combo.

Here’s some words from Sam…

I essentially wanted to build a Goodship to show what the bike really can be. Obviously to show how rad the bike is, but also to really show people that they can have a rad steel bike at a lower cost then getting a custom steel frame built and sinking thousands of dollars into it. I wanted the bike to be flashy but tasteful at the same time. I also wanted a bike that I could kind of do whatever on (to a certain extent). I can hang in a pace line on a 30 mile group ride, or hit some gravel trails and not worry about breaking it. The aluminum wheels were a deliberate choice to keep everything strong. Tires measure to 30.5mm inflated so it really makes the ride quality that much better.
Other than that, I just didnt want to skimp anywhere so I went with the new R9100 Dura-Ace 11 speed group. It was a good time to do the Dura-Ace since it just came out, hopefully that means I’ll be the standard for atleast another few years. This Goodship is a life bike for me. I’ve never really splurged like this on a build before, so I thought I’d treat myself. Im super stoked on how it came out!
Paint matching all the small bits, like the water bottle cages and stem, was such an obvious choice to me and gives it that extra bling. Really ties the room together. Also, I slammed the stem because #slamthatstem (thank you to @thebicyclestand for that!)
Thank you to the people who helped me out along the way: