Getting kicked out of New York’s Pier 62 skatepark with Mat Hoffman

As some of you know, my first roots in cycling are in BMX, and forever will be. One day I got a text from some friends saying Mat Hoffman was in town and had his bike. They were trying to get him to ride the Pier 62 skatepark in Chelsea. This park is technically skateboard only, but there have been a handful of ways around that, while trying to be respectful and out of the way of the skateboarders that love and frequent the park.

I showed up early and the back door was closed so to speak, but eventually found our way inside

And then we finally got to ride

Some days these sessions can last for hours, depending on the park security. But we were kicked out very shortly after this table top

Not Amused.

Thankfully I got a group shot before we were really pushed out. Legendary.

Words can’t even really describe this experience for a BMX rider, or anyone who grew up through that side of cycling. I’ll cherish this day and this experience. Thanks for being such a legend Mat!!