Squid Bikes // Sammi Runnels Mission Crit Track

At this point it honestly feels like I’ve known Sammi forever. Over the last handful of years, it’s been so nice to watch her evolve, grow, and really find her people through cycling. Once Sammi connected with the Squid Bikes family, it seemed like a match made in heaven. A place where her style and her skills had unlimited potential for growth. And now we all get to watch Squid Bikes evolve as such a cool brand, doing their own thing their own way. And now, with her Mission Crit track build, Sammi can now stretch her wings through Squid Bikes with almost all the different types of riding and racing she does.

This track build IS SO SICK!!! It’s the perfect example of Squid’s style, paired with Sammi’s love for color, all while showcasing the power and versatility of the spray bike┬ábrand paint in the signature squid style. Throw on a W-base chainring, and some deep Zipp’s, and damn, this thing is so sick.

You can keep up with both Squid and Sammi on Instagram.