Matt Reyes // Mash SF Steel

Matt Reyes came to New York last month to show MULTIPLE films he had plying at the Bicycle Film Festival. Not only is Matt an overachiever in the cycling world, he’s an insanely talented rider, a gifted and hard working creative, incredibly driven, focused, clear headed, and one of the most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of hosting.

We got to watch Matt’s face as his films played during the festival, and the stoke is real. We’re super proud of our friend Matt, everything he’s accomplished so far, and the trajectory he’s on. Super grateful for Brendt Barbour and the Bicycle Film Festival, and everything it’s done to bridge the gap with creatives and the cycling world. A vision we’re still trying to promote daily through photography as well. The BFF has stood as an example of how to bring these worlds together under one roof and make magic.

And since we’re talking about hard work and ingenuity, we clearly need to address how much MASH SF has given to the community. Through constant free videos, building a world class brand that actually gives us what we want, or things never knew we couldn’t live without, and staying true to the roots of everything we love about track bikes and city riding.

This MASH steel frame, built up by Matt to RIP with some fat 40c tires. Matt puts this bike through the ringer daily. We were lucky enough to take some shots of this build and really talk to Matt about everything he loves about this bike.

Some things worth looking out for on this build:

-The bloody bottom bracket and blood spatter on the chain from some ankle bite

-the MASH Flite saddle that’s perfectly patina’d

-the MASH lens spacers(we need some of these over here!)

-That camo AARN chainring!!

-Tennis ball in the front wheel

-The destroyed Cult/Vans grips

-Some perfectly grinded Shadow BMX pedals

-“You’re totally killing it bro.” headset cap


Thanks for everything Matt!!