NLLTL Adventure Cam Vol. 1 // Chris Henry

When I was first setting out to start my adventure cam series, I thought of all the amazing people in my life that I am lucky enough to know. I’m so gracious for all of the amazing people that are in my group of immediate and not-so-immediate peers that I already can barely keep track of on social media. So many people of my generation that are living the life we all wish we could live. So many people putting their heart out on the line and living beautifully, it only made sense. How can I support these amazing people? How can I give them the joy that I get from photography? Or even the joy I get from analog photography? Knowing that you only get one shot to get it right, to try your best, to make it count!

That’s it! I’ll put a film camera in their hand.

I started the Adventure Cam series with the intent of trying to put a camera in the hand of every person I respect who is really living up to the NLLTL ethos and offering them a guest gallery on the site with everything they shot.

The NLLTL Adventure Cam series will be an ongoing series!!

The NLLTL Adventure Cam is here, it’s for sale in our webstore, and is designed for you to have amazing adventures and to capture your beautiful life on film! Buy a camera! With full details on the back of how to share your photos with us, you can email us, tag us in social media, post photos to our Facebook wall, and we’ll share the best content with our audience!!

When I first started this project and got my first few samples made, I was already in talks with Chris Henry of Peloton Magazine about my project idea, and he was stoked. I put a sample camera in his hands, and he left for vacation to ride the French countryside for a week. I couldn’t be more excited to send my first camera on an adventure with such a solid guy.

Here’s what Chris had to say about his experience:

There were so many moments when, rolling on a bike in France, legs feeling good, that I thought, yeah, there’s no life like this life.

I spent a week in Provence in mid-May. The trip was arranged as an assignment for Peloton Magazine, joining a tour company for long rides, great food, and a chance to step back and take in the provençal life. For me, it offered even more. I lived in France for three years and I look forward to every return. I made new friends and I caught up with old friends. I felt at home while experiencing rides and scenery for the first time by bike. It was at once familiar and new. 

Throughout the week I found myself caught between two minds, wanting to document everything I experienced while also reminding myself to live in the moment. I imagine NLLTL readers know this feeling well. I had planned to juggle three cameras during my trip: a Nikon DSLR, a Fuji X100S, and my iPhone. Then JP asked me to pack a disposable film camera (adventure cam!) and I was happy to throw one more in the mix.

I like instant gratification but I’ll admit that the wait to see these images has been good for me. I took the adventure cam with me on the bike, I took it on a lazy afternoon drive around the villages and countryside of Provence, and I took it to town in Avignon. I had no particular instructions other than to capture whatever moments I could. As I write this I’ve already forgotten half of what I actually chose to shoot.
I suppose that’s the point. Compose a scene, click, and wind up for more. Live in the moment and look forward to the next.
Chris Henry
New York City