Finding It // All This For A Nap

Recently, Fairdale Bikes hooked me up with one of their Weekender Drop’s, and I had planned a little get away from the city for a few hours the day after I built it up. The night before I couldn’t sleep. Not even a wink. Slept maybe a total of 3 hours.

The clock hit 5am, and I formulated a plan. Get up to the palisades, around the state line of New York and New Jersey, on the west side of the Hudson River, hike to one of my favorite spots along the river, set up the hammock, block out the sun, and take a helluva nap.

Smooth sailing through manhattan, up through harlem, over the George Washington bridge, up the beautiful tree lined River Road, up 9W a little ways, take my favorite trail from 9W over to State Line Lookout, shoot some photos of my new urban assault tourer and the snacks tucked into my mexican blanket, and keep rolling.

Trail head, down to where it’s completely unrideable, hike about a half mile, pop out in the perfect little hidden cove. I parked the bike, set up my hammock on the best pair of trees closest to the river, laid my shirt out to dry, pulled the Mexican blanket over the hammock, and passed out.

Woke up a couple hours later to the sound of the Hudson splashing on the shore front, packed everything up, and hiked out carrying my bike.

As soon as I hit the last mile or two of River Road, a freak rain cloud decided to open up and completely dump massive drops of sideways rain. Angry, massive rain drops. Made it to back to the George Washington and got 3/4’s over and stopped to take that last frame. It’s pouring in that photo, but the rain is pushing sideways so hard, I was completely blocked by the bridge pillar.

As soon as I get through harlem, it’s all blue skies, and I’m still soaking wet. Wallet, phone, camera, everything in my pockets in separate plastic bodega bags, thanks Bravo markets!

Damn, all this for a nap.

Totally worth it.

Couldn’t wait to get back to Brooklyn to stuff my face with a late and much deserved lunch.