Getting Out // OrNot

A little bit ago, the friends over at OrNot sent my girlfriend Carly and I some extra pieces to layer up and stay warm during this absolutely unpredictable winter here in New York. To be honest, I haven’t worn much kit outside of a few select pieces, and without the total support of any shops or teams, and scraping by this winter with freelance photo work, and wearing whatever kit I have coming from friends like Lone Wolf Cycling, I had honestly been gearing up to get through the winter on whatever random pieces I could throw together to keep me warm.

Carly has purchased a few pieces of OrNot’s minimally beautiful kit before, and I’ve always been a fan of the simplicity, the sleek nature of the design, and the down to earth mindset behind the brand. Not to mention, it’s made in America!

We had been planning a couple of rides I pieced together and partially poached from friends’ Strava routes, in hopes of a full on snow fall. Both out of the city and back, and back into the city from a sleepy morning train ride out of Grand Central. But the weather never truly cooperated. We ended up getting one huge snow storm this winter, but it was beyond rideable in any of the ways we had planned.

Geared up, and layered in some nice fitting, warm kit, we trekked out one weekend to some of the closest trails we have in Queens, and took the longest routes we could back to Brooklyn. One of those winter days that feels like 60 degrees in direct sunlight, and 20 degrees as soon as the sun disappears.