JP Bevins // Weekend Rolls

Last weekend I went out to Glacier Ridge trails to ride cross bikes with some of my favorite people from Cicli Devotion, The 5th Floor, and King Kog.

I was able to finish half a roll of 400tx, and shot my first roll ever of the Lomography 35mm film on my Yashica, and wow am I impressed with the quality of the Lomo film!

Keith Garrison and I showed up early, and did a quick loop of the main trails and a few black diamond sections while waiting for Chris Pino’s car full of bros to show up. They finally showed up and we chatted in the parking lot as Chris, Dave Hall, and Johnny Hsu kitted up and checked tire pressure. On our first loop, I led the pace, and maybe hammered a bit too hard, as we lost Johnny a few times. Around the end of a narrow black diamond section, David ended up clipping a tree and going head first into another. Trashing his front wheel beyond complete trail-side repair. Later we found out that beyond the cuts and scrapes, he actually cracked his helmet and may have gotten a slight concussion. Luckily, everyone washed out at least once, so we were almost all on the same page. We ended up doing a few of the fastest and funnest double black diamond loops a few times for good measure.

My night ended coming back from the trails, showering, power napping, and jumping on my commuter to go get some dinner and watch the sunset.

I ended up running into my good friend Shawn Wolf of King Kog Brooklyn on my way back home and finished off my roll of Lomo film.

Perfect weekend.