Snowy Ninham Mountain Trails // With Silk Road Cycles/Bike Ahead

Some of the best guys that I can get out on a ride with lately are some of the most enthusiastic people I’ve ever met in the cycling community. Good people doing good things for cycling and loving it so much that the winter weather here in New York will not hold them back from doing what they love. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by people like this, and even luckier to call them my friends. This last Friday I had the chance to ride Ninham Mountain with my friend Brendon of Silk Road Cycles and my friend Ethan of Bike Ahead.

We showed up to a parking lot that was a sheet of ice, and we questioned the shape of the trails but decided to go for it anyway. We climbed to the top of Ninham mountain and Brendon and I couldn’t help but climb the fire tower on the top of the mountain for a perfect vantage point of an epic 360° view of the surrounding area. The trails were completely covered in snow and scattered with iced over streams. towards the end of the trails I kept avoiding a line that someone had taken seemingly during snowfall since their rutted line was a tire sized sheet of flat ice. They even took some pretty sloppy lines by my judgement.

So stoked to be able to share days like these with good people that love being outside and riding trails. Thanks Brendon and Ethan!!