NLLTL Adventure Cam Vol. 12 // Sean Geivett

Sean Geivett was one of the lucky guys to get a NLLTL Adventure Cam as the fine gentlemen at TCB Courier gave away some goodies during their anniversary party. So stoked that so many good people have been able to document their awesome lives through our camera project!!

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Here’s what Sean had to say about his experience

In January of 2013 I moved to San Francisco with no expectations, no commitments, and no clue where sf was geographically. The hills and romantic architecture were like nothing i had ever seen being from Florida. My attention was captured in a way that i cannot describe, and a hair over two years later this city and and the state of California haven’t disappointed a bit.Working as a courier in the city since pretty much day one has presented me with a view few see. The magic of Coit tower on a foggy day from the 22nd floor of One Maritime is a phenomenon few – if any – of the jaded employees at the start ups or financial offices i visit will ever appreciate. The freedoms my profession provides me with are unreal and lets say…taken advantage of.

 The photos from my NLLTL adventure cam are my attempts at capturing the feeling i get when working, the views i see, and the people that keep me stoked to do what i love. In addition to boring work stuff there’s some images from this years Quake City Rumble – SFBMA killed it as usual with two days of events leading up to the brutal mt. lion. I participated in most of the events so more jammers were smoked than pictures were taken, but let’s just say the Messenger Prom got weird.Basically what I’m saying is,
California sucks – don’t come.