Roads Like These: Vol. 10 // Adam K Masters

Holy hell!! Adam is living in LA and absolutely living the dream. I’m not even gonna say too much with this one since all of his photos speak for themselves! All of these are so epic! Thank you Adam, can’t wait to see what you’re up to next!

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Here’s a bit about him:


Adam K Masters

Los Angeles, CA
Camera: Sony a5100 & iPhone

Let me start off by saying some of my best moments were not all captured on camera. I’ve learned that some moments are meant for you in that exact moment and time. With all the amazing things this world has to offer, it’s still great to have a sense of discovery and curiosity. I believe we all should get out there for our own sake and uncover what truly makes us happy. The more I’m out on the road or trail I learn more about myself. It has helped me build my character which has lead me to great opportunities. If you do what you love, it truly shows. I like to stop and take photos as a reminder of how small I am in such a huge place and how much we need to respect it. Now will always be the time to live and extraordinary life.