My friend Joseph Huba of BikeStock was stoked on the Adventure Cam project! We’re actually working on a NLLTL/BikeStock camera to have in the BikeStock vending machines here in the NYC area! If you don’t know about the ingenious idea of BikeStock, check out their site here. If you’re in the New York area, check the BikeStock vending machines out! They can be a life saver!!


Here’s what Joseph had to to say:

My first time shooting with the #NLLTLadventurecam happened to occur on a very special day for me and my friend Matthew Von Ohlen.  The two of us spent the day picking up and moving vending machines around New York City.  Let me give you a little backstory on these vending machines – about 2 years ago Matt heard of a vending machine company that sells bike parts 24 hours a day and offers free bike repair.  As a working cyclist (at the time) I thought that this was the smartest idea I’d ever heard.  It wasn’t long before we decided to actually try and start a bike parts vending machine business in New York City.  We wrote a business plan with the help of one of our friends and it eventually turned into Bikestock – a 24 hour vending machine company that also offers free bike repair next to our machines (unfortunately this excludes our Space Ninety8 location).  


Now back to the day I spent shooting with the #NLLTLadventurecam.  It was a painfully hot day in New York City, go figure.  Matt had worked the night before at a bar in Greenpoint and didn’t get home until well after 2am.  We were up by 730am and out the door by 8am so we could head up to Long Island and pick up an outdoor vending machine that we had in storage.  Our plan was to swap this outdoor machine for our machine we had at our pop up shop in Space Ninety8 (the new Urban Outfitters in Williamsburg) and then take it to the brand new Urban Outfitters in Herald Square.  With ease we had carefully swapped the machines and expanded our network slightly that day.   


In total we have 3 vending machines between Brooklyn and Manhattan.  The flagship location can be found at #49Bogart in Bushwick, sandwiched in between Roberta’s and the Morgan L.  It’s a solid neighborhood and we are so happy to have the first 24 hour bike parts vending machine + free bike repair in the area!  Our 2nd location is in Space Ninety8 and it’s a pop up shop, so we are not there permanently.  We are packing up at the end of June.  So that means a 4th location will be following in the subsequent months.  Stay tuned.  And last but not least we have a location in Herald Square in the entrance of Urban Outfitters.  It’s only accessible during their business hours but they open early and close late, so if you’re stranded in the area you can still get parts before and after most shops are open.  The Herald Square location also has a public workstand with tools and a floor pump thats free to use.  


And these are some pictures I shot throughout the day with the #NLLTLadventurecam.  Head over to the shop and get one for yourself and go on an adventure, take pictures, and share them with the world.