NLLTL Adventure Cam Vol. 2 // Crihs Thormann

I was lucky enough to get an Adventure Cam into the hands of my good friend and world traveler Crihs Thormann of I Love New York More Than You before his trip down to Mexico City for the CMWC‘s.

Here’s what he had to say about traveling and shooting a bit:

Shooting film is different, not because it is (some what) outdated, but also a hassle or inconvenience to some. When I studied photography several years ago, I made it a point to shoot as much film as possible. I would say 90% of the student body was shooting digital. When shooting film I tend to focus more on my subject and composition because of how limited I am with the amount of exposures. 

Travel with adventure cam is great because if I lose it or my bag gets stolen on one of my travels, I am just losing the camera and images, but can easily be replaced.
Recently I went to the Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC) in Mexico City. I tried capturing my outlook of how serious I take these sort of events. Seeing old and new friends, racing bikes and partying. Oh the parties! Mexico City is one of the best cities I have been fortunate enough to visit. I recommended to anyone going or looking to visit Mexico.
Thanks to NO LIFE LIKE THIS LIFE for giving me the opportunity to share my travels with everyone one else.