Leading up to David August Trimble’s NEVERSINK invitational this year, we’re doing a history and photo retrospective on the race since it’s start in 2011.

NLLTL will be there for this year’s race, as well as doing an adventure cam gallery of David’s day during the race.

“Neil Bezdek in his first Neversink Invitational attacked at mile 0 and disappeared from the peloton. He powered away to a three minute lead and wasn’t caught until mile 55. A few miles later in the 95 degree heat he cramped severely and dropped out. Watching a seasoned pro ride himself into the ground was a rare moment. The field stayed together until Peekamoose where it broke into different groups of varying abilities. The groups further shattered on Sugarloaf with alpine specialist Sean Smith setting the fastest ever ascent up the famed climb. Michael Boardman was initially gapped but recovered to make contact by the summit. The rest of the field was blown across an hour of roadway and no longer in contention. This edition featured a long flat section between Sugarloaf and the final climb on Hunter Rd. Smith and Boardman marked each until the 20% grades kicked in where it came down to a simple power-to-weight ratio contest. With the road pointing to the sky Boardman inched away from Smith to take the victory. Jayson Jacobs finished third with Jesse Walker and Evan Murphy finishing the top five.”


Words and photos by David August Trimble