NAHBS // Appleman

Matt Appleman is building custom carbon bikes by hand out of Minneapolis, and they’re sick. This drop bar plus bike, with lauf fork is so oddly specific, yet so versatile, I feel like I could spend a 12 hour day on this bike and wake up without a ride hangover.

I crushed on this bike from the moment I saw it and immediately started thinking about what epic rides I could take with this beast. Could I cross some mountain passes via the back roads and hiking trails? Camp out at the peak? Find some downhill trails on the way back down? Maybe ride some dirt jumps with the fully loaded frame bag? I think so. That’s within my abilities though, and I’m sure you’re thinking how you can push your abilities and your limitation while looking at this babely carbon monster truck.

Hit up Appleman Bikes and check out some of the other stuff Matt is building by hand!