NAHBS // 22 Bikes

Through our friends at Deluxe Cycles, and through the small community of bike builders in the North East, we’ve gotten to know the fine gentlemen over at 22 Bikes pretty well so far. Well enough to know that they’re all good guys, and together make a powerhouse of a bike brand. They’ve even started getting their own headset’s, stem’s, and fork’s made for their brand and wow, they are so sick and perfectly in line with the brand’s vision and aesthetic.

Still have to get upstate and go for some rides with some of the 22 guys. Really looking forward to that to be honest.

With what I make as a freelance photographer, and making little to no money through No Life, and putting what I do make back into it, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to afford a 22. But hey, a man can dream.

The Little Wing would be such a sick track bike to own. Damn.