Fairdale Weekender // Tyler Scaife’s Weekender Porteur

My roommate and good friend for the last however many years, Tyler Scaife years finally built up his first ‘adult bike’, and I’m super stoked that he put SO much time and energy into doing it his way, and fulfilling his vision of what he wanted. Tyler and I recently took a trip upstate and out-of-state for our last ‘Finding It’ story(check it out here!!), and I shot some photos of his bike on one of the best roads we encountered!

Tyler started with the Fairdale Weekender OG frame and fork and stripped them down to bare metal with the intent of oiling them to prevent rust. He meticulously dialed in the exact parts he wanted after months and months of research. It’s easy to see his BMX roots in certain parts of this build, especially in the Wellgo MG-1 pedals, a classic staple to the lightest trails bike. Some of my favorite parts of this bike are the hidden friction shifter tucked under the rear brake lever, the vintage mountain bike stem stripped down to bare metal, the Wolftooth chainring that was blasted with oven cleaner to strip off the black anodization, the DIY rack to fork crown mounting system that can hold a TON of weight, the vintage tennis racquet tape as bar tape, all of the security bolts hidden in plain sight, the wood headseat cap, the fatty 38cm Fairweather gumwalls in brown, and really the overall color scheme is just so on point. There’s so many really smart and thoughtful pieces and parts of this bike. You gotta take a closer look to catch em all.

This bike is such a sleeper!!