Bikestock // Install Day

Even before starting the No Life project, I was always working on creative ventures with other artists/film makers/photographers in the New York area that are also into cycling. I was lucky enough to work with Joseph Huba, one of the co-founders of BikeStock. I’ve really been stoked on what Bikestock is doing and what they believe in, and it’s been amazing to watch them grow and evolve and change as their market grows and changes. Truly one of the most innovative cycling start-ups I’ve ever seen!

Here’s what Joseph had to say:

“So we just installed our 4th bike parts vending machine at Time’s Up! in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and we’re really excited.  It was something that kind of came out of the blue, too!  Austin Horse reached out to us and put us in touch with the director of Time’s Up, Bill DiPaolo. He asked if we’d like to take over their operation since we run a bike parts specific 24 hour vending machine company.  We happily said yes and immediately ordered a new machine for the space. We now have 4 bike parts vending machines in New York City.

We’re seriously so stoked to have a bike parts vending machine at Time’s Up!  That part of Williamsburg is so busy with bikes and its awesome to be able to provide the community with access to bike parts and bike repair 24 hours a day.  With summer just around the corner we hope to raise more awareness about the benefits of cycling and that there is 24 hour support for cycling in Brooklyn.
Be on the lookout for more 24 hour locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan!”
Go check out Bikestock and Time’s Up!