Perspectives // Ryan Filson

Here at No Life, we have so many good friends that are living beautiful lives, paying attention to their surroundings, and shooting photos daily. We’d love to share as much of their lives as possible, and we’re honored when we can.

I’ve known Ryan Filson for about a decade now, and our lives have been all over the place, but there’s always been a mutual respect and a ton of parallels. Ryan is currently living, riding, and shooting in Philadelphia. It’s been an honor to watch his eye and photos evolve, his engagement with the subject grow, and to see what he’s drawn to shooting regularly. The perspective you get as a cyclist who’s also a photographer is always¬†interesting to us over here.

Here’s what he had to say:


I’ve been a fan of NLLTL since its inception, so when JP asked me to start contributing I was more than stoked. As a bmx kid turned commuter/courier/cyclist, my favorite part of riding a bike has always been the adventure that comes along with it. Every day on the bike presents an opportunity to explore that part of town you’ve never seen, and to do so on your own terms, and that’s what keeps me going. Last fall, behind the encouragement of some old friends, I picked up a 35mm to document the places I see and the people I’ve met along the way.

For one reason or another, these are my favorite photos from 2015 to this point. Mostly Philadelphia, and a few from a recent trip to Savannah, GA.