Roads Like These: Vol. 1 // Scott Piersafelde

If you’ve been following NLLTL on instagram, you’ll know we started the #RoadsLikeThese hashtag, and was initially heavily inspired by exploration, outdoor life, photography, and the means in which we get there. Also very heavily inspired by the ‘Roaming’ series by Todd Hido. Growing up through cycling and photography, it was a natural impulse to combine my favorite things. It’s been such an honor to see the amazing places some of the NLLTL followers have been riding, the amazing places they’ve ended up, the views, the weather, the fog, the desert, and the woods(for those of you gently misappropriating the hashtag).

Scott Piersafelde is a rad dude, and State BikesVeloVie, and Sonic Boom Racing. He has been sharing some pretty epic rides via his instagram, as well as some of the most beautiful places in Colorado that you’d never be able to access without a bike. First thing’s first, Scott is an animal. A mountain goat even. Scott first caught our attention when he was still living in Arizona, and the small State Bikes team at that time would ride their track bikes on some absolutely insane road rides, with pretty monster gear ratios. Since moving to Colorado, it’s been a visual treat to follow along with his activities. So stoked to start sharing his experiences as he continues to photo-document his own #RoadsLikeThese!