Oakridge Bike Party // Chip Woodley and Kelly Nowels

Chip Woodley has slowly over the last year gone from internet acquaintance to full on friend, and it’s been a such a positive trip getting to know him and learn about his life in the Pacific Northwest. To be texted trail photos when you’re least expecting it, of some of the lushest and beautiful locations with friends and friends of friends ripping, is one of the most inspiring things in my life at times. I was invited to this Oakridge Bike Party, but unfortunately, catching up on old invoices and the freelance photo life here in New York left me a bit broke and unable to set aside the time and money needed for this trip. I’m so gracious to be able to share this trip whether I could be a part of it or not, and believe me, No Life will be covering the next Bike Party in all it’s glory.


In an effort to elicit the best feelings and optimize a summer experience, a trip with friends and bikes was needed. Some places were considered and decisions were weighed and unweighted with varying levels of commitment. Sage was burned and a location was pinpointed that offered optimum combinations of swift water swimming, ice machine proximity, primo mtb trails and a welcoming/dirtbag vibe. Invitations were sent and accepted. How could we fail? We couldn’t.

From workingoutinjeans headquarters in Seattle, Oakridge OR is situated a scant 7- 8 hour drive, negotiated by station wagon and I5. It is a well known destination for mountain bike improvement programs of all sorts and is well worth the trip.

Basically we slept outside for three nights, soothed our demons on the trails for three days and spent the remainder of our time alternately gorging on beer/food and soaking in the areas network of rivers. We for sure made everything awesome and adult improvement was reached.

A major objective for this trip was to initiate a gathering/convention/conclave that is to be know into the future as the westcoastmtbjamboree. Look out for 2016… The idea is to get together in the woods with like minded individuals of all stripes and do what we do best; ride bikes and fuck around.

This initial edition, while small in number, was mighty in power. I mean, who doesn’t like to take lake baths and haul 25b hydration packs in 95degreeamerican summer? No one, that’s who. So if you hear a whisper on the breeze next spring, tilt your head to the west and follow your spirit. Details will be dropped like crumbs and lost cat posters. No comers will be turned away. Stay tuned…

Words and photos by Chip Woodley and Kelly Nowels.