New York City // Finding It.

When Chris San Agustin(Broken and Coastal) reached out to me with some very similar ideas on cycling such as riding cross bikes on mountain bike trails, riding in areas where others dare not venture in such adverse weather, and finding out what’s rideable and what isn’t during snowed out park road conditions, it was only a matter of time before we landed ass firstĀ into something epic.

My day started off pretty late, woke up sick with a sore throat and a full body ache at around 7, and thought about canceling the day. Got some kit on, drank a liter of water and decided to give it a go after getting a bagel and some coffee into me. At a shitty 19degrees, and running late at this point, I rode to the A train and let it take me up to 175th st.

Our day started off pretty rad. A closed River Road covered in snow. Alpine, Ruckman Rd, then TRAILS!! We looped through some trails that Chris had rode and mapped out before, just never rode before in a few inches of powder. After a few hours of trails, we end up popping out into Alpine NJ, heading over to 9W, and getting a pit stop in at Market Cafe. From there we rode some back roads to State Line Lookout, and took some trails to try and wiggle over to Shore Line Trail. Shore Line is not legal for bikes, and is SO technical for what’s left of it. We thought the fresh powder and the freezing weather would be deterring factors for anyone that would have a problem with us riding there, be it park rangers or hikers. Little did we know, the Alpine rock slides that had hit and covered 5 miles of the trail. We hiked most of it. So brutal.

I finally bonked on the last stretch of river road as the bridge was in sight. Got over, found some falafel, and scarfed some much needed calories.

10 hours outside. If you’re interested, this is a link to Chris’ Strava route.