NAHBS // Royal H

Sorry for the delay on these y’all!!

Came back from NAHBS to a ton of work, after shooting bikes at NAHBS all weekend and trying to rub elbows with a bit of the cycling industry. Only to come back with some real feels about the cycling industry and was actually pretty bummed out on it for a few days.

Then I remember people like Bryan Hollingsworth, aka Royal H, who I’ve known for well over a decade at this point, who I’ve watched grow exponentially as a good person, do what he loves for a living and with his life, and still have one of the biggest hearts, humblest attitudes, and damn, the nicest family you’ll ever meet.

Bryan makes some of the most absolutely beautiful bikes out of Boston, MA. Timeless works that reflect his love for cycling and his appreciation for doing things right.

I will forever and ever be grateful for having friends like Bryan in my life to remind me what cycling and community is all about. People that actually care to get to know you, who watch you struggle and grow, and continue to support you as a human being with love and appreciation. It’s a two way street, and I’m stoked to be friends with Bryan for a long time to come.

Hell, if I can ever make enough money working for myself as a photographer, or maybe sell enough No Life tee’s, I have to drop some cash on my own Royal H to keep with me forever and pass on down the line to family.

Check out Royal H’s site or Instagram, and drop Bry a note and tell him you love his work!!