Landlords Cycling // Dan Murphy’s Pogliaghi

Dan Murphy is one of the founders of the infamous Landlords Cycling blog(RIP). Landlords was one of the most pristine pieces of melded cycling, messenger, and graffiti culture put into the perfect discerning voice ringing out from Philadelphia. Dan’s Pogliaghi has seen a small bit of internet love, but holy hell am I still so stoked on this bike. My good friend Simon of Transport Cycles/Hanford Cycles(ex Bilenky Cycles)┬áreplaced the non-drive side chainstay about 12 years ago, and it’s still unpainted. I was lucky enough to shoot some photos of Dan’s bike while we were spectating at this years Bilenky junkyard race.

Had a great talk with Dan while we were catching up and while I shot some photos. Really stoked to talk more with him about the end of Landlords, see some of his stash, and talk about the history of the Philadelphia cycling community from his perspective.

Thanks Dan!!