Scene Report // Nick Gustafson // Portland

Oh man!!!


This is the start to something really rad over here at No Life. We have some good friends, that are super talented, in all parts of the globe. Every single one of them have their own unique lives, viewpoints, and ways of shooting/documenting their surroundings. Some of our friends make so much amazing work, we’re so so so incredibly happy to be a platform to share their amazing work as they live, grow, and sharpen their tools.

For the first ever No Life ‘Scene Report’ series, our friend Nick Gustafson shares a slice of his life here. It’s been an honor watching watching his taste and style in photography grow and evolve. Here’s hoping you tune in for the ride…

Hey all,

​Nick Gustafson here again. ​ Back in August, I shared a Perspectives entry comprised of photos that I took in Los Angeles, where I currently reside. Since then, JP has been encouraging me to contribute more regularly to NLLTL, so I’ve been putting together some collections of photos that I think y’all might enjoy.

Last October (2017), I took a trip back to Portland, where I had been living for almost a decade before moving here to LA. This trip had been planned pretty much solely for the purposes of visiting friends, eating all of the vegan food possible, drinking all of the coffee possible, and more than anything, riding bikes and shooting a ton of photos.

For my second contribution to No Life, instead of presenting you guys with more of my photos from LA, I decided to tuck away my best photos from this Portland trip until I could share them here. I hope you enjoy them!