Karelia // Day 5

Text edited and translated by Dasha Kotenko.


Boris, a man of about 40 years, was willing to give the guys a whole house that had a real stove in it. Boris took them to the nearest supermarket, where they got food and — finally — some beer. They guys didn’t take any alcohol with them — it’s strongly prohibited to drink when it’s that cold. Boris went somewhere and then returned with traditional New Year’s dishes, a jar of raspberry jam and a lemon. The guys dried their stuff, spent a night and moved on to the next point — Gimoly. There they met a group of drunk women, who started swearing at them. But the guys were lucky to find a place to sleep and the next day one of the locals took them to Petrozavodsk for a good amount of money. From there Andrey and Alexander were supposed to catch a train to go back home. It was January 3, they had spent 6 days on the road.