The Hooptie // A study on Urban Ingenuity

Here in New York, you see some of the craziest things on a daily basis. Things that after years of living here, you no longer even pay attention to. New Yorkers have a tendency to turn anything into a trash can



Not to mention using trash can’s for almost anything


The ingenuity and sheer balls of some New Yorkers is really quite commendable, and as we start to take a closer look at this special breed of crazy, we’re excited to share more.

We’d like to welcome ‘Urban Ingenuity’ with a study of a classic New York “Hooptie”.

This thing has it all! No, really, this bike has almost everything. Flashlights as lights, shin guards, a stick shift, a ton of reappropriated parts, and of course the milk crate for carrying anything and everything.