Prospect Park // Lemonade

When New York weather gives you lemons, you gotta rally some good people together and make some lemonade.

Last month was an onslaught of snow storms, semi-bearable temperatures, and the start of the New York snow grime monsters that hug every curb corner city wide. After some fresh powder, we were able to run out and play in the snow for a few days before it turned grimy. Headed out with my favorite person and riding partner, and luckily met up with our favorite local artist Travis Simon who came out to rip. As we ripped around the park, and popped out on the road every so often, our group grew and grew as people jumped onto our excitement. I ended up taking us up some practically unrideable trails that hadn’t been cleared since the snow hit. Not to mention taking us down plenty of unrideable trails that I usually don’t even hit when it’s clear out. This is a visual story of our time in the park. Oh, and some ripped skids! More to come!!