Perspectives // Brett Rothmeyer

Brett Rothmeyer is a good friend and fellow cyclist from Pittsburgh who happens to take beautiful photos. What more could you ask for from such a solid guy?

Words and text by Brett Rothmeyer


There is a Tom Petty song where he states that California “ain’t like anywhere else” and I’ll be damned if those words are not true. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of amazing places in the grand Ol’ U.S.of A. but few offer the diversity in landscape and ecosystems in such close proximity to one another like California does.

This past February my good friend Nathan and I decided to escape the arctic prison that the east coast had become and travel down Highway 1 in order to experience as much as the Californian coast as possible. No matter what adjectives I try to string together to convey how beautiful the Pacific coast is, no words will ever do it justice. I now know why there are so many songs about the fine state of California, “California Dreaming” is a real thing and I do it almost every day since our trip ended.