NLLTL Adventure Cam Vol. 6 // Ginger Boyd

Sorry y’all!! This has been the busiest past few weeks of my life!   So excited to have the addition of the talented, driven, and beautiful Ginger Boyd on board with NLLTL to help out on as many fronts as possible. More news on that soon!! For the 6th Adventure Cam, Ginger Boyd took an Adventure Cam out to LA for the Wolfpack Hustle, here’s what she had to say:

Earlier this month I headed west for some rides, races, and urban exploring. I had been to LA once before as a one day stop-off on a coast to coast road trip, stopped on Hollywood Blvd., flirted with Elvis and kept driving. This time, with my NLLTL adventure cam in hand, I got off the main drag and headed to Pomona for a week of home cooked Mexican food with the Escajeda family. Pomona is an awesome snapshot of suburban living – a part of America I almost forgot existed after living in NY for a few years. There were even tons of cul-de-sacs perfect for practicing hairpins and my digs this time came equipped with a huge garage turned bike shop with all the tools and spare parts needed to prep for a crit. After racing with the boys at Encino velodrome the week ended with the Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Criterium in downtown LA, which thankfully featured a competitive women’s field. I was stoked to be racing again with some of the rad ladies I first encountered at RHC, like Jo, Kelli and Stef. These were the girls I kept my eye on, but what was different this time around was a super strong group of locals who I made the serious mistake of underestimating. I assumed we would break away early but the race ended with a group sprint where I took ninth after narrowly avoiding a hairpin crash in the last lap. Post race activities included lots of tequila, karaoke, abandoned rooftops, mountains, and creek swims. Thanks to Don for throwing a great race with a tough course and JP for letting me document it!