Stoked on the progression of the Adventure Cam!!
For volume 5, Chas of TCB Courier took a camera on some adventures, here’s what he had to say:

I was in NY racing Rumble through the Bronx and working.  While we were all sitting around at the Minidrome on friday night JP gave me one of the adventure cams. I was stoked because Marc had one on our ride from SF to LA last week.
From NY I flew to Seattle to see my moms and then too Portland for the Westside Invite (west coast bike messenger championships).
I started the camera in PDX, I guess I must have banged it around cause it got a wicked light leak.  I lived in PDX before SF so the WSI weekend was pretty much a blur of cheap beer, cheaper whiskey, fire works, bike racing and cops.. oh and we went to river dude Mattchew is a reoccurring theme in most of the photos, for good reason.  This guy can sell freezers to eskimos and has stories for days, he always gets us in the right kind of trouble.
From PDX I headed home for a few days to do laundry before going back to LA for the Wolfpack civic center crit.  While home I was able to squeeze in a ride with my dudes, so there are some #roadslikethese snuck in the cam too.
Marc, Josh and a special guest drove down on Friday.. Literally tied 2 bikes (in bags) to the roof of the car to make it work.
LA is .. Well it’s LA, not the greatest place, but still a good time and no matter what anyone tells you there IS good riding in LA. The cam ran out of pictures during a poolside bikini photo shoot… So yea I guess yer gonna hafta wait for the next jammer.