Since the initiation of the adventure cams(see Vol. 1/Chris Henry for more info on the cam’s until I write a full post on how/why I started the Adventure Cam project), I’ve been SO STOKED on getting some of these camera’s into the hands of my favorite human beings. So many more amazing people to shoot adventure cam galleries for the site too!

Marc Marino has been on the list for a while now. One of the raddest dudes, always up to quality and cool things. A real “working class athlete”, and overall a solid guy!

SORRY, HAD TO BLUR OUT THE DICKPIC!! Now who was the culprit on that one?

Here’s what Marc had to say about his adventure:

I may or may not be the only person to have ever complained about riding down the HWY 1 to Los Angeles.  It’s gorgeous, beautiful, sunny, not too hot, fun climbs, rad descents, Pfeiffer Beach (my goodness!!) and tailwind to boot!  But I’ve done that three times already, and for my fourth trip I wanted to tackle San Francisco to Los Angeles in three days, instead of the standard four day trip the coast brings you on.  I routed it pretty well, keeping all days balanced, plus or minus fifteen miles distance wise.  I enlisted the companionship of adventure bud Chas and one of the TCB managers (and also good friend) Dave Yoha.  

To keep things interesting we kept a running tally of overall and day rankings for town line and county sprints.  We decided that a fair podium ceremony would be the order of showers once we got to where we were sleeping.  You want that first shower?  Pay attention to signs then!  We traveled light, and quick, and suffered minimal flats.  With the help of a ripping tailwind we averaged close to twenty mph each day.
Trips like this are rad.  Getting way out there, no cell phone service, or any kind of gas station in sight for up to fifty miles can sometimes only be done with friends.  When a total stranger tells you there’s an unpaved road with a river crossing up ahead and it’s the only way to get where you need to go (after feeding you a quart of raw milk) you need another person to just say “well, here we are, we’ve already ridden 130 miles, what’s one more mountain..”  This is definitely something I wouldn’t recommend doing alone.  I’m really thankful for JP supplying me with the NoLifeLikeThisLife AdventureCam to be able to share this with you guys.  Sorry for the run-on sentences.
Final Points Standing
Chas: 19
Marc: 14
Dave: 11
Day 1: San Francisco to Panoche Road 157.5mi 8:42:47
Day 2: Panoche Road to Taft, CA 141.8mi 7:12:27
Day 3: Taft, CA to Silverlake LA 168.0mi 9:17:49
Of course we went to Smogcutter with Kyle and did karaoke, I may have also fallen asleep outside the bar.  And thank you Erica for letting us fart in your car.  And the Caad10.