NLLTL Adventure Cam Vol. 18 // Hiromi Bruni

Our friend Hiromi Bruni, aka Boda Boda, has been a working messenger in New York for a while now, and we’re super stoked to bring you his second Adventure Cam (you should pick one up here!!!). Really looking forward to working on more projects with him!! Give him a follow over on Instagram for some daily updates on the cycling and courier community here in the city!


People tend to think being a bike messenger is all about flying through traffic and, well, not much else. Although getting both you and the package from point A to point B in one piece *is* the objective, the things you experience when you’re moving the slowest, or not even moving at all, are what make the job special.


These photos encapsulate the things I often take for granted in a given day; movement, freedom, stillness, friendly faces, and nice light on the island I’m fortunate enough to call “my office.”




Thank you for checking this out! + thanks to JP/NLLTL for the opportunity to have some adventurecam fun.