NLLTL Adventure Cam Vol. 17 // Hiromi Bruni

Our friend Hiromi Bruni, aka Boda Boda, has been a working messenger in New York for a while now, and is always a good dude and a friendly face to bump into while out in the world. The cycling community here can become pretty incestuous and can be full of drama at times. It’s nice to know that people like Hiromi are here, driving the community forward. With a positive outlook, and a work ethic like no other, Hiromi is a modest guy with a big heart and a real love for New York City. Really looking forward to working on more projects with him!! Give him a follow over on Instagram for some daily updates on the cycling and courier community here in the city!

Working as a New York City bike messenger has its ups and downs. There’s the crappy weather, hostile motorists, long days, and countless other things we seem to love to complain about. It’s not an easy job… However, keeping your head up and getting through the bad means you get to enjoy making a living racing your bicycle through Manhattan; from Harlem to The Battery, East River to The Hudson, and everything in between. You get to see it all. You get to be one with the city. (Pardon the corniness). — I love taking photos while I’m at work. I have a true passion for capturing slices of life around town. Things that reflect what I appreciate about life as a courier, and more importantly, life as a New Yorker. These photos were taken over the course of a couple days on the road and I am grateful to have them featured on No Life Like This Life. Thanks for reading! *emoji prayer hands*  – Hiromi