Mars Cycles // Monster Cross

Casey from Mars Cycles is a born and raised New Yorker, now living and building bikes in Oakland, CA.

Casey is one of those frame builders that has such a unique style, that his work is so unique and true to his style, you’ll always recognize a build of his. With a knack for stripping and anodizing parts to be the color he wants and building his bikes from some of the coolest tube sets he can find. His flavor has a penchant for 90’s, for monster truck inspired color schemes, and a huge amount of inspo from old school BMX bikes.

Since Casey is roughly the same size as me, I get to borrow some of the sickest creations he’s made just for himself. You might remember the SUPER tight track bike he lent me back in, damn, 2014!! If not, check it out here!

As always, the devil is in the details, and this build is no exception. Some of my favorite bits about this bike are the super super light tube set he used, so it’s way lighter than I anticipated, and easy to throw around under you, the MacGyver’d Di2 shifter on the flat bars, the MASSIVE tire clearance on the frame that the fork can’t even keep up with, the custom finished MARS embossed Fizik saddle, and of COURSE the stripped and purple anodized Thomson stem and post.

Since riding this thing, I’m itching so bad to have Casey build me something similar, with couples, so I can travel easily with it.

Go check out more of what Casey is up to on Instagram!