Kook Cruiser: Volume 1 // When worlds collide

If you’re a regular over here at No Life, you’ve probably seen our short(so far) but sweet ‘True Love’ series, where we break down the intricacies of some killer, well thought out rides that most people would probably skim right over.  That series is kind of an homage to the sleeper, the bike nerds out there, and quite possibly the perfect ‘bike shop employee bike’ at times. I try to honor these builds with a series of intricate photos and an attention to detail that they deserve.

On the other end of the spectrum from the sleepers are the loud ones. Not always loud in color like this build, but loud in the statement they’re making. Loud in what they stand for. You know that kind of bike. I’m sure you eye one up that you see often. The kind of build that you can’t tell if you love it, hate it, or firmly ‘lovehate’ it.

We’re firm believers in KOOKS ONLY as a metaphor for all inclusivity. And if you’re into weird/fun bikes and keeping it positive, all the better. Also, sorry, but we’re all out of our KOOKS ONLY stickers for right now, but stay tuned, as they’re back in stock soon, and we’ll happily send you a grip of them.

There’s something so magical about a vintage and/or rare rim brake 26inch mountain bike that’s been converted to be the perfect ‘do-it-all’ bike. They’re generally pretty looked over, and only the true bike nerds will stop and check out the builds.

I met Scott, the owner if this loud Voodoo, on the Philly Bump Group Ride during the Philly Bike Expo when this bike straight up yelled at me. It also told me I was dehydrated, but in a very caring and non-condescending way.

This Voodoo, with color matched Crust Clydesdale fork and Ritchey Bullmoose bars, this bike is perfect. Also the weed grips really seal the deal.

Ok, enough reading, just check out this bike!! And damn, that neon pink really photographs wildly!